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Descriptions:  Kinnow Oranges taste just like the regular ones and delivers an amazing taste as a fruit. It also keeps everyone hale and hearty. The juice extracted from this fruit are recommended for expecting mothers since it helps in lowering blood pressure and helps in keeping them healthy. Orange is also used as an ingredient in fruit salads, desserts, and also for preparing orange juice.

Kinnow is a refreshing fruit famous for its juicy, tangy and sweet flavour. Used in fruit and vegetable salads, it is often used to pan out desserts, pies and flans. Make delicious juices and ice-creams or simply, use it for garnishing.

Nutrient Value & Benefits:  Enriched with vitamin C, folate, soluble fibre and anti-oxidants, Kinnow strengthens the immune system, regulates blood sugar and increases metabolism.

Shelf Life:  Recommended to be consumed within 3-4 days of purchase.

Storage Tips:  To maintain freshness, store directly in the refrigerator. Storage Temperature (degC) 4-7

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